Tesla CAN Diagnostic Cable (2012-15 version) – Crimped OBD-II


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This cable allows you to connect to your (2012-mid 2015 model year) Model S or Model X diagnostics port and access data like battery health including voltages/temperatures, front and rear motor power/torque/voltage, 12V battery power/voltage, and much more.

For those that simply want to get up and running without any extra work, this is the best option. Includes the Tesla connector on one end of a 2.25ft (70cm) grey Belden 6509UE Plenum-CMP rated cable (see datasheet linked below), while the other end has an OBD-II connector with all three major CAN buses broken out in a format compatible with the Comma AI Panda dongle. This is also the perfect cable for those that want to log their car’s data using the TM-Spy app (for Android and iOS) with a compatible OBDII dongle you can start logging battery health and other performance metrics out-of-the-box.

This setup is completely removable and doesn’t modify or damage the vehicle in any way. You can find detailed product instructions on our product literature page.

Datasheet: Belden 6509UE

Datasheet: TDC Pinout 2012-15 Style

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