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This cable allows you to connect to your 2012 (through early 2015) Model S diagnostics port and access data like battery voltages/temperatures, front and rear motor power/torque/voltage, 12V battery power/voltage, and much more.

This is the cheapest and most customizable option for the hackers and tinkerers among us. Allowing you to connect whatever you want to the other end of the 2.25ft (70cm) of grey Belden 6509UE Plenum-CMP rated cable (see datasheet linked below). More turnkey options are linked at the bottom of this listing.

This setup is completely removable and doesn’t modify or damage the vehicle in any way. You can find detailed product instructions on our product literature page.

Datasheet: Belden 6509UE

Datasheet: TDC Pinout 2012-15 Style

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 0.3 in


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